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to complete this offer of service, also see the carpooling page :

For more information : 819-832-2711/-1717 or email at

Tickets (tokens and passes) are on sale in our municipality.

Pamphlets, application forms for adapted transportation, and registration forms

for group transportation by reservation are also available at our premises.

Municipal and Regional Services

For informations about schools in our area, you can visit the website of the  Commission Scolaire des Hauts-Cantons

308, rue Palmer, East-Angus (Québec)  J0B 1R0

Phone : 819-832-4953   /   Fax : 819-832-4863

Website :

Pavillon des loisirs  

(Multifunctional Building)

The multifunctional building (pavillon des loisirs) is now available for the citizens

of Hampden for meetings, family parties, receptions, events and others.

For information contact us at the municipal office on opening hours.


The 911 service (provided by CAUCA 911 Chaudières-Appalaches) is available to the public for emergencies such as fire, accident and the police service.

The security of citizens and property is ensured by the Sûreté du Québec.

Cookshire Police Station: 440 Craig Street North, Cookshire, QC  - 819 875-3331

Emergency (Fire & Security)

We have a fire service which is provided by volunteers in our community.

You can not burn grass in Quebec. To obtain a burning permit for

something else than grass, you can contact the Chief Fire Officer.

The security and fire department risk cover plan has been accepted by the government and a press conference took place friday, the 5th of November 2010 at the MRC du Haut-Saint-François building.

Ecocentre of the Haut-Saint-François RCM

Click on the image on the left to view the document in PDF format.

Click here to access the Ecocentre's web page on the HSF MRC site

CLSC - Hospitals - Health Ressources

The population of the Canton of Hampden is served by the :

CLSC de La Patrie : 40, rue du Moulin, La Patrie, QC J0B 1Y0  -   819 821‑4000


CLSC de Cookshire : 700, rue Craig Nord, Cookshire-Eaton, QC J0B 1M0  -  819 821‑4000

Other Ressource :

- Family Doctor Access Desk :

The Hospitals :

- CHUS Fleurimont and the CHUS Hôtel-Dieu in Sherbrooke (tel. : 819 346-1110).

- Centre hospitalier du Granit in Lac-Mégantic (tel. : 819 583-0330)

Permit delivred by the municipality

A permit is required for any construction, renovation, demolition, septic installation, drain field, soil analysis, location plan, culvert, etc.

You can get them at themunicipal office by calling 819 560-8444 for an appointment.  Permits may also be issued on Saturday, on request.

The community newspaper  «L'ÉVÈNEMENT»  that you receive at home

can also be a useful tool to let us know your opinions.

Page in ENGLISH :

We have three (3) places of worship :

Église Catholique de St-Paul-de-Scotstown,

Presbyterian Church of St. Paul's

and United Church of St Andrew's.

Transport de personnes HSF offers a service of adapted public transport

  for the citizens of Haut-Saint-François, in order to get about inside the territory of the RCM and outside.

Find all the informations on their website :

(the website is partially bilingual)

Carpooling page of Transport de personnes HSF

Centre des femmes du Haut-Saint-François  -  La Passerelle

«La Passerelle» is a dynamic resource where women of all ages, living in diverse situations, meet, learn, discuss, get enthusiastic and act collectively to improve the lives of women.

Services: - Individual follow-ups - Group meetings

- Awareness workshops - Mobilization - Computers

Please note that transportation is available for women who need it.

873-825-7060 - Toll free 877-447-3423 - email :

275, rue Principale est Cookshire-Eaton -- website :

Calendar 2024

Calendar for the collections of recycling matters, garbages and compost

Click  the image on the left to see or download the calendar in PDF.

> > Reminder : Since 2014 the burying of wood is banned. More concretely, it's forbidden for your employees and/or contractors to include wood in Special Collections (large trash) that ends up directly in the landfill.  Contact us for more information.

Click here to visit the page (in french) : DEMANDE PERMIS URBANISME

- or through the FRENCH drop-down menu above -

to fill out the form and send it to us by email or regular mail.

A dental clinic in the neighborhood

Installed since May 2019 in modernized facilities of the CLSC de La Patrie, the Girard & Laplante Dental Clinic this private dentistry service offers care to all, regardless of where they live.

It should be noted that this service needs to be encouraged and supported by the citizens of all the neighbouring villages in order to maintain it. The Girard & Laplante Dental Clinic invites all of Dr. Bertiaud's former patients - for whom it has custody of the files - as well as all new patients to come in large numbers.

Make an appointment by phone at the Lac-Mégantic office at 819-583-2288.

Scotstown/Hampden Public Library

101, ch. Victoria Ouest, Scotstown  -  Free for our citizens

Opening hours:

Tuesday: 6 to 7:30 p.m.  -  Friday: 10 to 11 a.m.  -  Saturday: 10 to 11:30 a.m.


Please note that the first page of the document is for route 214 and chemin Franceville

and the second page for ALL OTHER ROADS in the Township of Hampden.

Memory Aid (in french) :

What to Recycle ?

What to compost ?

What to throw away ? (garbage)

PDF Form to print and fill to rent

the « Pavillon des loisirs » or the Marquee


Meals on wheels (Frozen Homemade Meals)

( Centre d'action bénévole du HSF )

Click on the image to your left to consult the menu.

All the information you need! The menu and cooking methods.

You can print this document and fill it in to place your order... You can also order online on the CAB website at :