Do all websites necessarily use cookies, as this law implies?

Well, no! Not all websites!

For example, here on the Hampden website, we didn't need any cookie technology to be installed, nor any other technology used to personalize the visitor's experience on the website, to remember your preferences or to present you with "relevant" advertising.

But to comply with the law and reassure visitors, we had to install the banner at the bottom of the page, to allow you to refuse cookies anyway.  But it's also in case that in the future the needs of the website change and we need to install similar technologies for its proper functioning.

So, what are these "cookies" we're increasingly being asked to accept or reject on almost every website we've been visiting for some time now?

It's a governmental law that follows this worldwide movement born of the use of "cookies" that can be perceived as intrusive in terms of personal data confidentiality, due to the fact of only visiting or entering personal data on certain websites, depending on the use of the latter.

For example, Google's "Google Analytics" uses cookies to count visitors and pages visited on a website, and to make its analysis of the way the site is used.

Other cookies are used to personalize the visitor's experience with "relevant" advertising or the ability to remember visitors' preferences.